In Case You Missed It: Entenmann’s


Today’s In Case You Missed It is going to be short, but oh so very sweet. Yesterday, as you might’ve heard, some lady who evidently didn’t kill her daughter, but is believed by apparently the whole of America to have killed her daughter got off on most of her accused counts. That’s not the story I want to tell, though.

The story I want to tell is one of Entenmann’s, everybody’s favorite pastry company. You know Entenmann’s. They make good-ass prepackaged donuts. However, whichever intern is in charge of their social media is all kinds of fired today. See, the generally accepted Twitter hashtag for all this trial hubbub was #notguilty. Fine. The problem is, somebody at Entenmann’s didn’t realize the context, and did this:

(credit to Tech Crunch for the screengrab)

Yikes. Then, to cover, they issued a series of apologetic tweets. That poor intern.

(Update @ 1:56: Spelled Entenmann’s wrong a whole bunch of times. Better now.)