Monday Afternoon Roundtable: X-Men


For this week, your favorite staff on the internet decided to consider: What’s your favorite X-Man/Woman?

Amy Dittmeier

Gambit. It’s always been Gambit, ever since I first watched the X-Men cartoon back when I was a kid. There’s three reasons why he’s consistently been my favorite:
1. His mutant power. Who doesn’t want to explode things? We’ve all thought about it. You’re pissed, you want to destroy something, maybe throw an Ace of Hearts at a wall and detonate it. How satisfying would something like that be? Plus he has hypnotic charm – irresistible to everyone around him. Charm + kinetic energy = OWNAGE.
2. Roguish demeanor. Gambit’s never been a team player. Much like Wolverine, he’s lead a sordid life. He was an assassin, a thief, a lady’s man. This is a guy you’d want to go to a bar with. He’d drink you under the table and have your back in any drunken brawl.
3. The accent. It’s true, girls love accents. In Gambit’s case, I love his Creole accent.

Joe Anderson

Beast doesn’t get enough love. Not only is he one of the most physically capable X-Men, he’s also a scientist. Side note: I can’t think of a more perfect casting decision than having Kelsey Grammar play Beast in the first X-men movies. If I had to sum up Beast in two words, it would be “Werewolf Frasier.”

Chris Osterndorf

I actually have a three way tie for favorite X-Man. My first pick is Nightcrawler, since I find him utterly fascinating. He’s a Catholic, who possesses deep faith, and like many of the X-Men, his fearsome outward appearance does little to reveal the innate goodness inside of him. In a world where he is constantly shunned and degraded, it’s incredibly engaging to see Nightcrawler try to retain his long-held beliefs. My next favorite X-Man is, of course, Wolverine (what, did you think I was going to pick Cyclops?) Personified immaculately on the silver screen by Hugh Jackman, even in the more shitty installments of the X-Men series, Wolverine is just an all-around bad ass. He’s incredibly mysterious, reluctantly heroic, and a effortlessly compelling. Basically, everything you could want from a favorite X-Men character. Finally, if I have to pick one of the “bad” X-Men, I have to go with Magneto. Having lived through the Holocaust as a child, his personal perspective is all the more interesting, and he’s that excellent type of villain where you don’t agree with what he’s doing, but in a way, understand why he’s doing it.

Everett Salyer

By far my favorite X-Man is Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin, otherwise known as Colossus.  Colossus is most like the weird artsy kid in high school that get’s picked on relentlessly, but when push comes to shove, he opens up a giant can of “whoop-ass”.  He is shy, quiet, and an extremely talented artist.  Colossus is known for using his powers in a purely defensive means.  He is reluctant to harm or kill anyone, other he is a total bad ass.  “Peter’s” superpower allows him to turn his already 6’7″ frame into a much larger steel skinned super strong behemoth, and that is just incredibly fucking cool.

Dominick Mayer

Jubilee, because nobody loves Jubilee and I’m indie as fuck. Plus, I mean, if you go back to the pilot episode of the animated series, it’d be funny to have her fuck up my parents’ VCR, I suppose?

  • Chriso

    Yes to Werewolf Frasier. And yes to Jubilee fucking up your patents DVR.