Hey Remember Videos?!: The Cool Kids


“You gotta think beyond thought to fish for a mermaid.”

This sentence alone is ridiculous. But if you’ve ever went to one film class, or have been friends with a film major, you’ve heard a sentence like this uttered at one point in your life. As a film studies major I’ve seen it happen. These people exist, and many make the movies, music videos, and television programs you watch today. So when the following sentence is uttered by the Cool Kids, it makes you pause. But once you watch their video for “Bundle Up,” it all makes sense.

The hip hop duo’s new video for “Bundle Up” parodies a “typical” hip hop video – guys who want to be thug mixed with guys who want to be artists. The Cool Kids put themselves in ludicrous situations in the name of hip hop style, such as singing in the snow and skiing, and the directors continually state they want the video to look like “early Kurosawa” and “the first three seasons of ER.” It’s hilarious. Every commentary offered in the video is ludicrous, but you can completely see some first year student or naive filmmaker saying these things on some “high-end” set.

The video doesn’t really play through the song in its entirety so if you’d like to listen to “Bundle Up” you can download it from Green Label Sound.