Omivore Recordings announces plans for Record Store Day


Omnivore Recordings has some big plans in store for Record Store Day. The label is releasing two very rare pressings – a special, limited-edition LP of Big Star’s “lost album” Third and a yellow vinyl Buck Owens 7 inch with early and unreleased recordings. Each release will have under 2,000 pressings worldwide and will only be available at your local record store on April 16.

Big Star’s addition to Omivore’s offerings promises to sell out quickly. Third was at a time lost to the world and was only recently re-discovered. The Record Store Day release will feature a replica of the original packaging for Third and remastered by the original team who recorded it. On top of all of that, five original test pressings of the album signed by Big Star’s Jody Stephens and original mastering engineers Larry Nix and Ardent Studio’s John Fry will be distributed at random to purchase. Get in line early kids, Record Store Day won’t disappoint.