Salva Streaming ‘Complex Housing’ All This Week


Chicago is known for a couple of things – baseball curses, hot dogs, corrupt politics, and crappy weather.  And, if you’re a music nerd, you know that Chicago’s also started the electronic music explosion in the 90s.  Salva was lucky enough to grow up in the city in the 80s, just old enough to experience the greatness of dub-step and juke music.  Now living in San Francisco, a west coast hotbed for excellent electronic music, Salva’s music has grown into a funky, bubbly bounce-fest of bass drops and synthesizers.  On his new album Complex Housing you can hear Chicago juke and San Fran electronic hip hop coursing through its fourteen tracks.  It’s sophisticated, sexy, well-constructed, and just plan fun to listen to.  Where has Salva been all my life?

Salva’s streaming Complex Housing on Fact a week before its release for free.  Fans of electronic music should drop what they’re doing and listen to it immediately.  If you only have time to listen to a couple tracks, try “Icey” and “Blue.”  They’ll have you grooving in your desk chair.  Complex Housing comes out February 8 on FoF Music:
Salva: Complex Housing by factmag