New Music Video from Matt & Kim


Matt & Kim’s music videos are always something to look forward to.  Not only are the two a pleasure to watch but their videos are too.  They’re creative, entertaining, and very well-done.  The duo’s new video for “Cameras” may just take the cake as their best video yet.  “Cameras,” directed by filmmakers Johnathan Del Gatto, pits Matt and Kim against each other in a fight to the death.  Well maybe not death, but at the very least a fight until a KO.  Fight choreographer Freddy Bouciegues of 87 Eleven, whose previous works included The Bourne Ultimatum and Ninja Assassin, stepped in to help the band learn the skills needed to kick some butt.  And kick butt they do.  There are flying kicks, left hooks, and melee attack abound in “Cameras.”  A groin smash with a kick drum pedal?  Genius Kim.  Check out the video for “Cameras” below: