‘The Walking Dead’ Fires Its Entire Writing Staff


What to do, oh what to do after a wildly successful first season of a show, especially after critics had openly questioned the show’s ability to find an audience? Fire the whole writing staff, of course.

Actually, that doesn’t make a lick of sense. But it’s exactly what The Walking Dead series Executive Producer/Director/Writer Frank Darabont has done, according to Darabont reportedly wants to go about the second season of the AMC show without a fully-employed writing staff, instead opting to freelance individual episode scripts to writers, a practice which has worked on some BBC/BBC America shows. But, as some have already pointed out, the move isn’t going to make the staff happy, and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) might have something to say about firing the entire staff of a successful show.


  • Maxalborn

    I think the WGA is going to be more pissed than fans. Given how Darabont has had influence over most of the first season, for better or worse, it sounds like his and Kirkman’s involvement could keep things steady. Freelancing writers can go one of two ways: it’ll keep the season relatively fresh with various voices moving the story along, or it could be a mess with each episode potentially being so different from one another that it looks less like a whole season and more like puzzle pieces scattered on the floor.

    *takes a breath*