Couch Potato Report: Howling for Teen Wolf


I have to be honest. I don’t have a ton of time to watch television, so when I watch a show that completely sucks, I get really annoyed. Usually, when I find a show I love, the all knowing “programming execs” decide to move it into a new time slot, the show’s ratings tank (because no one knows when the hell it is on), and the show gets cancelled.

Obviously there are exceptions to that rule. I mean, for the love of god, when will they cancel “The Simpson’s” already?

In order to simplify our lives, I’m going to open a dialogue with you, dear Heave reader. Every week I’m going to suggest to you a show you should watch, a show I’m excited about, a show I’m over, and an old series I’m currently watching on Netflix streaming. Hopefully, you will share the same with me, and we can both stop wasting our time with all the shitastic programming the world has to offer. Sound like a deal?

Must Watch
Teen Wolf on MTV

Enjoy the first 8 minutes of MTV’s new Teen Wolf series!

MTV’s reboot of the campy 80s movie that starred Michael J. Fox is, so far, amazing. Although I loved the 80s movie, the series doesn’t carry much over except for a few character names. Think of it as Degrassi meets Trueblood. Yes, it’s that freaking cool.

The lead character, Scott McCall, reluctantly joins his best friend “Stiles” in a search for corpse. During the search Stiles father, who happens to be the sheriff discovers Stiles and sends him home. The boys end up separated and Scott finds himself lost in the woods where he encounters a hairy wolf-like beast. After trying to run for his life, Scott ends up bitten. This deviates greatly from the movie, where Scott’s lycanthropy was hereditary. I like the series spin a lot better.

Scott has a more Eddie Munster look when he transforms, but it works well for the show.

After the bite Scott begins to notice he can smell and hear things that should be impossible for him to smell and hear. He also notices that his athletic ability significantly increases, and after years of sitting the bench, he makes first string on the lacrosse team. Throw in an overwhelmingly prickish adversary, an incredibly hot “new girl in school” love interest, werewolf hunters, the inability to control his “bloodlust”, and you have yourself one hell of a show that will please both young and old nerds alike.

The first few episodes are “On Demand” if you have Comcast, or you can watch them on here, so go and watch them. I guarantee you will get sucked into it.

Excited For
The Walking Dead on AMC

Here’s a little peak at the first day of filming on season 2 of “The Walking Dead”.

I still have the first season of The Walking Dead on my DVR. I plan on watching them back to back before the first episode of the new season airs. Oh I’m sorry, did I just out-nerd you?

Just in case you might be the only person in the world who hasn’t seen AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, it’s a zombie apocalypse story that is less about the zombie’s and more about the survivors trying to find any thread of humanity left in a world that has been completely destroyed. The story is very character driven, very emotional, and is a great “humanistic” point of view for a zombie story.

Robert Kirkman, the creator of “The Walking Dead” comic series, will have a more hands on role in the 2nd season. He won’t give away many details, but he says this season will be more intense and more dangerous.

The Walking Dead Season 2: First Look
This image from The Walking Dead Season 2 is amazing!

It was recently released that Pruitt Taylor Vince has been cast as Otis, the gentle racist, from the comic series. Kirkman has mentioned before that they want to have characters that aren’t evil, but aren’t so good either. This is going to be a great dynamic with the characters who will have to deal with this inner turmoil while they deal with the horror of what is going on outside.

Kirkman wants to keep the comic fans guessing about what turns the series will take from the comic book. Fans of the comic series will have plenty of new faces to keep the television series as enthralling as the comic book. Bank on it! Keep your eye out for the 2nd season of “The Walking Dead” around Halloween in 2011.

Out the Door
Law and Order: SVU on NBC

So Chris Meloni, and Mariska Hargitay are leaving Law and Order (although Mariska hasn’t officially announced she won’t come back, it is reported she will leave after the 13th season). In addition to that bombshell, it is reported that Jennifer Love Hewitt will be added to the cast.

I’m sorry folks, but I don’t want to watch an “SVU” that doesn’t have Mariska and Chris. They were the only things that made the terrible plots and terrible writing worth watching. Now throw on top of it, that I have to view Jennifer Love Hewitt fumble her way through acting like a detective. No thanks!

Netflix TV Rewind

Enjoy the pilot episode courtesy of

On Sam Oliver’s 21st birthday he finds out that his soul was sold to the devil in order to save his father’s life. Satan, played by Ray Wise, indentures Sam to act as his bounty hunter retrieving souls that escape from hell.

Reaper was a funny, charming, and campy series that ended in 2009 after only two seasons. You can watch both seasons on Netflix. If you were a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you will most definitely like Reaper. It’s too bad it ended so quickly and just when it really started heating up. Watch it, you can thank me later.

  • Pat

    Mariska and Chris are irreplaceable. Mariska is beautiful as well as talented. Cris also. I will miss you.