Skyline creators confused by backlash


Remember that awesome trailer for the movie Skyline, which had the populace of Los Angeles getting pulled into a spaceship like a Black & Decker version of the ship from Independence Day? Well, general reaction has been that the movie wasn’t very good. At all. It’s made okay money relative to its $10 million budget, but the backlash has been pretty nasty.

And now, Liam O’Donnell and Joshua Cordes, the writers and producers of the film, have spoken out. In an interesting interview with Cinematical, they talk about how they wanted to make a fun B-movie and didn’t get all the savage reaction. Having seen the film, I can kind of understand their, but I think a good place to start would be the acting, which was handily trumped by most of the porn I’ve seen this year.

That said, here’s an excerpt from their interview:

Cordes: I totally concur. Now, people may have not liked the movie regardless of how it was marketed. But there’s always gonna be audience retaliation if you sell them something it isn’t. Audiences love surprises, but they also want to know what they are in for. In this case, they thought they were in for non-stop “fight back,” when the movie was in fact a contained thriller. And there is a huge tonal difference between that and a rousing action picture. Almost every review called us some manner of ‘Independence Day’ rip-off, when our movie is nothing like it. So, again, I don’t know if that’s the marketing talking, or you just can’t have big space ships over L.A. and not be called ‘Independence Day — even though the original ‘V’ was the first I remember to do city sized ships.

It’s kind of refreshing, in a way to see the creators of a panned dud come right out and not only admit where they screwed it up, but defend it regardless. You can read the full interview here, and below is the original trailer for Skyline:

(Source: Cinematical)