“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” review: “Fancy Brugdom”


How much of yourself are you willing to compromise for the sake of your significant other? That’s the issue Boyle tries to deal with, along with Jake’s help, in “Fancy Brugdom.” Also, Rosa has trouble saying she’s sorry to a young cop, and Amy, Terry and Gina take a stab at group dieting with varying degrees of success and flatulence.

Jake is selected to be Boyle’s big, beautiful BM (best man, not the other thing) and accompanies him on a day of spicy cake testing, deciding on invitations, trying on suits and tailoring (testicle placement is vital in measuring for comfort). Boyle mentions at one point that he’s filing retirement papers because he and Vivian (Marilu Henner) have agreed to move to Canada, but his heart really belongs in Brooklyn. Joe Lo Truglio plays Boyle with such genuine honesty. He’s a character that exists mainly for the audience to laugh at the expense of, but it’s his sincerity in everything he does that makes him so likable despite his oddness and obliviousness to it. Lo Trugilo is also not self-conscious in the slightest.

Jake likes Boyle too, and doesn’t want him to leave his life and happiness behind to appease Vivian’s. Even though it was a dick move for Boyle to toss Jake under the bus when he couldn’t tell Vivian he doesn’t want to go to Canada, you totally understand him not wanting to upset and possibly ruin things with his fiance. And since it was Jake he was screwing over, it’s not that bad either. Eventually, he forces Boyle to tell Vivian how he feels, so Jake still might have to read Boyle’s recipe-structured wedding vows (“with a dash of peeing with the door open”).

The cast on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so strong that I didn’t miss the actors involved in any of the other side stories, because I enjoy watching most of them. Gina, who is easily the weakest character, was even tolerable in the B-story involving the insane diet she, Terry and Gina commit to for team building. The sheer ridiculousness of some of the diet (a paper-thin cut of¬†cantaloupe, a lone grape, licking the baggy it came in for the extra food molecules) made for good comedy and a slight commentary on excessive diets and how it turns people into food-hungry monsters. Or maybe I just hate dieting.

Gina, appropriately, is the first to quit the diet by engulfing a sub sandwich monstrosity in view of the others. After Hitchcock steps on a single almond she had been savoring (followed by her going berserk), Amy is caught secretly inhaling a couple burgers outside the precinct. That left Terry to sing the cantaloupe song and continue the diet solo before a car-lifting demonstration to show how effective and strong the diet made him, which led to an uncontrollable reaction from his digestion system.¬†Terry and Holt are usually the more responsible, put-together authority figures of the group, and it’s great whenever one of them ends up being something sillier. And unhinged farting while lifting a heavy car in front of members of your squad is as silly as it gets.

Holt forcing Rosa to apologize to a young cop she embarrassed was another stab at softening the rough detective. There have already been at least a few moments from this season where wise Holt teaches someone a lesson, but this one involving Rosa doing sick, Rosa-type things to humiliate someone was just to showcase how hilariously emotionless and uncaring of everything she is. Only Holt, himself the emotionless robot, can decipher the differences in Rosa’s various stabs at saying “I’m sorry.”

Also, this episode made me hungry.