Monday Morning Roundtable: Millionaires


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

The Powerball jackpot was up over the $400 million mark this week before getting claimed. Had you won that, what would you do with it?

Amy Dittmeier

I would build an amazing theater room. Like, a Cribs-style theater room.

Tim Munroe

That’s an easy one. I’d make 404040404.0404040404040404040404 20 minute phone calls thanks to 10-10-220.

Trent Zuberi

This isĀ  one of the most popular questions people ask each othe,r and I often think about how I would answer it without sounding too pretentious or self-serving. With that much money, I honestly feel the best thing to do is to spread the wealth. You can instantly make everyone around you rich and set their lives up for a long period of time with just a small portion of that money. However, the condition I would give before giving the money out is that they use those riches to further other lives and continue the pattern and make a domino effect of wealth for the people around them. It’s the concept of building a neighborhood rather than a skyscraper.

Johnny Coconate

$400 million= 400 million tacos. Boom. Done. World hunger, you’re finished. Get out. Stuff your thank yous in a sack and go to sleep.

Meghan Bongartz

That’s more money than I can even wrap my head around. Like, I know that if I were to win a lottery of any amount, I would immediately be boring and pay off my student loans, but that wouldn’t even make a dent in $400 million. So then I guess I’d systematically visit every country in the world. And then write a book because I could afford not to have a real people job.

Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

First off, like Meghan said, I’d pay down my six figures in student debt and have enough money for this website that it would run forever and I could put that seven-part dissection of the brilliance of Crank: High Voltage I’ve been wanting to write on here and NOBODY WOULD STOP ME. After that, I’m pretty sure I’d give the money to everyone I know and to meaningful causes to prevent myself from turning into the kid from Silver Spoons. I would, however, start collecting 35mm film prints. That’s the one thing I’d splurge on.