Bit Slap: “ToeJam & Earl” (Joe and Mike are not welcome on Earth)

toejam 2

Every Thursday, Bit Slap brings you the latest in gaming news and bon mots.

This week, Mike and I played Genesis darling ToeJam & EarlTJ&E puts players in control of two aliens tasked with scouring Earth for the wreckage of their crashed spaceship so they can return to their home planet of Funkatron. Naturally, everything on Earth wants to kill them.

This playthrough is a lot like the scene in Independence Day when Will Smith yells “Welcome to Earth!” right after punching that alien in the face, except we are, collectively, the alien. And if we continue this analogy—and we must always continue the analogy—we’re pretty sure that makes you, dear reader, Jeff Goldblum. In which case, let us remind you that you are obsessed with the fat lady.