Monday Morning Roundtable: Animorphs


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

Let’s pretend for a moment that the Animorphs books are still going. What animal would you want to be able to morph into, and why?

Shelby Shaw

A cat, obviously, because then maybe I would have cat-eyes even as a human, plus I would feel one step closer to something out of Harry Potter, even though Animorphs was definitely on my to-do list most days as a child. Watching, that is, not quite reading the books (which had those great covers showing you step-by-step how to animorph, like phases of the moon).

Amy Dittmeier

I’ve been waiting for this question all my life. I’m playing a pen and paper rollplaying game right now in which I am essentially an Animorph – I can change into a couple different animals. I have to say, being a grizzly and flipping over cars is pretty badass.

Jonathan Mondragon

I would morph into Animal from The Muppets, because then maybe I’d be good at drums.

Cory Clifford

I’d Animorph into a rhino so I could have two powers: super-strong horn-rushing abilities and the ability to take the most humongous and God-awful-smelling poops in all of the animal kingdom.

Joe Anderson

Ben Kessell

I guess I’d turn into a Three Wolf Moon T-shirt, whose natural habitat is the internet. That way nobody’ll take me seriously, reducing the risk of being seen as a threat. When my enemy turns their back: FAT NERD ATTACK +5 TO DAMAGE. I smother the son of a bitch while orating on the merits of Anarcho-Capitalism and Atheism.

Adam Cowden

A liger, because it’s bred for its skills in magic.

Patrick Gill

I would obviously become a gorilla.  It just seems natural with my posture, shape and my desire to sit and stare at people with my expressive eyebrows, plus I know Sigourney Weaver and I would get along famously.  Either that or some sort of dog beast.  Yeah.  I think about this often.  No shame.

Meghan Bongartz

I’m leaning towards something like a river otter because then I’d have the land and water thing going for me. I’m not going to say that giant squid isn’t a tempting option, though, because why would you not want to try out being a giant squid?

Dominick Mayer

A sloth. It’d eradicate the one problem with my current existence, where eating hazelnut spread with a spoon and drinking powdered Gatorade mix for its healthy properties is “frowned upon.” When you’re a sloth, don’t nobody give a fuck how you choose to live.

  • wolfmaster your wort enimy

    I’d be an alpha or omega wolf with a white snow-like pelt why because it’s not only my favorite animal but also it’s my spirit animal and I like the way they eat shredding their teeth into elk I also, like the way it howls at the moon in the bare of night but most of all the of is known for its magic most people claim to be a werewolf I consider myself one already not that I would know just my opinion.