Heave DIY: Infinity, Instantly


Each week in Heave DIY, Seetha Sankaranarayan journeys into the depths of her junk drawer and her jaded heart to share crafty tutorials and tips on leading a purposeful post-grad life.

Some say you tend to favor the season you were born in. Having entered this world just four days before Christmas, I always look forward to winter.

The dropping temperatures marks the return of rambunctious family gatherings, camping trips, snacks and drinks with seasonal spice, evenings by the fire and awkward run-ins with old classmates.

The only thing I don’t look forward to come November is wading through a bin of winter clothes to retrieve the same pieces I’ve been wearing for the past five years. You see, puberty amounted to me hitting my adult shoe size by age 12 and just about everything else by 19. I can still fit into a ton of things I’ve had since high school.

I have a good cold weather wardrobe, full of durable, versatile items. But while the quality has withstood the years, the style has faded. My classics and basics read flatter and flatter each year, though I cannot bear to part with them until the threads fray. It just seems like a waste. Surely a couple hours at the sewing machine can make my style new again, without compromising my Christmas gift budget.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share simple ways to update your winter wardrobe. We’ll start with baby steps in accessories until I work up the nerve to take a pair of scissors to my suede boots:

Instant infinity scarf

Looped securely around your neck, an infinity scarf has virtually no chance of sliding down and dragging in the sludge or getting caught in a doorframe, giving you whiplash as you pass through it. While you could easily knot the ends of an existing scarf to achieve the same look, sewing eliminates bulk at the back of your neck and is less likely to snag.


-a simple scarf
-thread, embroidery floss or yarn in a matching color (depending on how thick the scarf is)

Time: 10 minutes

1) Fold the scarf in half. If the scarf has a tag, you’ll want it to be on the side facing out. Line up the hems. Cut a piece of thread three times as long as the hem and thread the needle.

2) Starting at one corner, guide the needle through both layers of fabric. With 2” free on one end, tie an overhand knot. Trim the excess.

3) About 1/4” away from the knot, poke the needle up through both layers of the scarf and pull it snug. Move 1/4” away from this stitch and again pull the needle up through both layers of fabric, creating a loop where the hems meet. This is called a whipstitch, and it will not be visible when you wrap the scarf around your neck (assuming the thread is a good color match). Visit Holiday Crafts and Creations for a detailed explanation of how to do this. Continue stitching your way to the other corner. When you reach the end of the scarf, knot the thread and cut the free end.

Turn the scarf right side out. You should now have a circle of fabric. Boom – instant infinity scarf!