Monday Morning Roundtable: Kid Movies

the goonies

This week, the Heave staff was asked:

In honor of Madagascar 3 making a fuckton of money this weekend, what was your favorite movie to watch as a kid?

Nico Lang

Last Tango in Paris.

Quinn McGee

I guess my favorite movies as a kid were Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. Peter Pan because who wouldn’t want to fight a bunch of pirates? I really have no explanation about my love of The Little Mermaid

Cory Clifford

Hahaha. This might be a horrible reflection on my childhood, but my favorite movie to watch growing up was Billy Madison, from ages 8 to…pretty recently. (It had me until Wet Hot American Summer.) Billy Madison is so stupid, and as a I child, so was I. But truthfully, Adam Sandler’s first feature film (if you don’t count, AND I DON’T, Going Overboard) is full of inappropriate school jokes, odd supporting characters (including my favorite, his overly sexual maid) and perhaps one of the most cartoon-ish musical scenes in film history. (Suck it, 500 Days of Summer! With your birds and stupid baseball bat swings!)

Michael Alexander

If I have to pick a favorite, then Aladdin it is. In the movie, you see a gorgeous princess from a single-father upbringing take a keen eye to a bread snatcher with a pet monkey, flying carpet and a genie. It teaches a young person that no matter if your skin is blue and regardless of your thread count, if you focus your abilities upon one goal you have the power to stop the Jafars of the world. Because the Jafars are assholes.

Johnny Coconate

Batman, because it taught me so much. For one, Batman is awesome. This movie, coupled with the animated series and several action figures, cemented Batman as my favorite comic book hero and possibly favorite fictional character of all time. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises for my inner child as much as my inner geek. Or outer geek. I don’t really hide it.

Marissa Morales

I had three movies in constant rotation as a child: The Little Mermaid, Hocus Pocus and Beauty and the Beast. I thought Ariel and Belle were complete badasses, and my love for Bette Midler began at a very early age. I mean… It’s Hocus Pocus, does it really need an explanation?

Meghan Bongartz

There was a significant chunk of time during my childhood where I rented The Princess and the Goblin every time my parents took me to the video store, to the point where I could more or less recite the movie word for word. Mostly, I was really into fantasy-type movies (I also loved The Neverending Story and Little Nemo), but I’m pretty sure it didn’t hurt that seven-year-old me kind of had a crush on the main male character, Curdie. I think I also got excited about the fact that the goblins didn’t have toes. I don’t know why at all.

Matt Consolazio

Of course, growing up I enjoyed Disney movies like Aladdin and The Lion King, and I was a total Rugrats child so I definitely saw the movie.  Other than that, I’m the youngest child with two brothers who grew up in the 80s.  I grew up loving the three G’s:  Ghostbusters, Goonies and Gremlins.

Dominick Mayer

The Goonies is one of the only movies I can quote verbatim from memory as it plays; I owned three different VHS copies of it, as the first two had to be retired from overuse. Also, my mom always studied tornadoes as a hobby, so I got really, really into Twister, which I think informed my very sincere love of the 90s action movie later in life.