Pocket Protectors: Interview with Neil Sabatino and The Black Hat


Holy podcasts Batman, Pocket Protectors is back! After a brief hiatus, we’re ready to start bringing you the best the comic book world has to offer. On this episode we interview indie comic book writer and artist Neil Sabatino. Neil is writing the weird and wonderful online comic The Black Hat, which follows Gregor, a mentally disturbed record store jockey (aren’t they all), as he follows his delusions of being a superhero. The comic really strikes a cord with its reader – whether you’re a music fan (Neil puts in plenty of references to his favorite bands), a superhero fan, or a fan of realism in comics, you’ll find something to enjoy in The Black Hat. Imagine something with the indie rawness of Ghost World and the frankness of Chris Ware’s work, mashed up with the crime-fighting stylings of Marvel and DC.

You can download every issue of The Black Hat on Neil’s website for free. You have no excuse not to check it out.