Monday Afternoon Roundtable: Dead TV


This week, the Heave staff thinks about: Community is returning to air on March 15. What’s another TV show you’d like to see return due to popular demand?

Amy Dittmeier

The first things that came to mind were all BBC shows. The BBC has a knack for ending a series perfectly, but it still leaves you wanting more. One American show that I always wished would come back is Freaky Links. I think with the advent of Supernatural and other paranormal hunter shows, it would be an instant classic:

Patrick Gill

I’ve made peace with Freaks and Geeks and Firefly being their shining single seasons, easily revisited. Bring me back The Closer. I want the comfort of clicking sensible oxford heels on police station tiled floors as Kyra Sedwick’s twisting and exaggerated Southern dialect hangs in the air before holding me– there is no screen, there is only me and Kyra and J.K. Simmons and all of the other could-have-been-one-note-but-got-written-so-much-better characters. It’s a strange love, I didn’t even watch the show regularly, but damn, to know they won’t be coming up with more ways to make me to like the LAPD, it hurts my heart a little.

Dominick Mayer

Unlike Patrick, it’s harder for me to be philosophical about Freaks and Geeks when I choke up every time I watch Lindsay Weir hop on that tour bus and realize I’ll never find out what happens to her. However, that’s not as cruel an ending as the accidental end to Deadwood, one of the most brilliant shows to ever grace HBO. After ending the first two seasons on definitive final notes just in case of cancellation, David Milch left the third year totally open, with a fire consuming most of the town and the fates of most every character left up in the air. And then it got cancelled. Shit’s just cruel.