Trilogy EP


Release Date: Jan 23, 12

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Original founder of the hardcore band, Amulet, Oslo native Torgny Amdam releases his Trilogy EP, complete with a remix for each of these original tracks.

The notion of releasing an EP with a remix to compliment each song is arguably a trite way to present a body of music, even in EP format. Why not just release the few tracks, then follow up with the remixes soon after? It seems the logic thing to do, especially in a time when releasing music is so fluid. Easily, an EP or otherwise could get pretty redundant with a remix for each track.

Yet Torgny doesn’t get redundant with his three song, three remix collection. First of all, “Big Day” is such a great, simple song, it begs for a remix. An interesting exercise is to listen to it and its remix back to back. The latter feels more of an extension of the original. It preserves as well as adds another dimension, as any good remix should.

“The Only Game”…wow. The original begins with an isolated vocal that’s proceeded with hard bass. It’s very patient and open, hence the profound remix. But the original builds and builds into a serene landscape with a mild warp near the end. And then the melody bubbles out.

“I Came Here” is a super slick end of Trilogy. It has a controlled passion that adds to its edge. Brilliant harmony, subtle in the delivery. And then the lyrics, so out of nowhere and cleverly absurd. “Black shades… on a gray day. I forget my phone a lot.” And then Torgny screams, “Cocaine!” What the fuck? Okay. The song hurls itself over a pitch of silence into a cascade of lasers. Finally, an abrupt but poignant finish. The remix version is tight, nearly completely different. It almost has a dancehall flavor to it.

Simply put, the Trilogy EP is perfect. Whether an entire LP would be just as perfect isn’t as important as to when it will arrive.