Are You Serious?


MoM and DaD


Release Date: Feb 11, 12

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The very first thing that comes to mind upon the first few bars of Cherub’s opening track “What I Want” is Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake’s characters from the “Dick In The Box” short. And then when the track vaguely pauses and the soft contraction of vocals and music carries out the rest of the song, one thing is obvious: this isn’t a joke. Or is it? No? Maybe.

Then “Dear Body” starts, and it’s, “uh oh. This isn’t a joke and this duo is serious. Wait. Are they?” The falsetto soul over break beats just sounds so hokey. Yet, the name of the song is “Dear Body” and the lyrics are just as sincere. Next thing you know, you can relate to it. And now you’re dancing.

Okay, so perhaps MoM and DaD is more akin to “Debra” from Beck’s Midnight Vultures album. And while it may be odd to compare an album to one song, it’s valid as Beck’s style in “Debra” represents an entire sub genre. It’s difficult to understand if Cherub is being self-indulgent a la Beck, or Ween, for that matter. Whether or not they are conscious of how obnoxious much of the content is, how gratuitous the music can be, they are in fact being sincere. Proof of that is in the lyrics, which are very matter of fact, dirty, and unapologetic. And, to have a song called “You, Me, and Jodeci” is just a subtly brilliant homage, where the song more than lives up to its title. This is a steamy, bass-thumping, strip club ballad.

Along those same lines is the song “Roxxy.” It’s just as sultry, but with more bass, more sex, slicker singing. They can’t be serious. This must be a joke. And if it’s not a joke, that makes it even funnier. Yet, it is quite enjoyable on so many levels, like so many guilty pleasures. By the time “Doses and Mimosas” begins, it’s impossible not to be into it, buying all Cherub is selling. “If something doesn’t give, I’m gonna lose it, substance abuse it. And never come down.”

MoM and DaD is the type of album where one can dance all the way trough. There is always going to be a new favorite song upon each listen. Not to mention the fact that the lyrics are so layered, subtle, the clever discoveries are endless. In regards to that, perhaps it should be taken seriously.

You can stream MoM and DaD on Elm & Oak Records’ Soundcloud page.