Friday’s media round-up


Kyle Thacker
I’ve had Wu Lyf’s record Go Tell Fire To The Mountain spinning all week. Or whatever the equivalent of “spinning a record” is for a torrent I ripped off the internets. It’s a really great album with tons of energy and the British version of Frank Black shouting all over the record. My first time hearing the band was on YouTube. It was the song “Dirt” and the (possibly) unofficial video for the track. The video is pretty bad ass. Black and white images of protests/riots/volcanoes cut up, speed up, slowed down and pretty much manipulated by every editing technique under the sun. The drums during the intro are super heavy and the cathedral organ chords laid over drums from hell are soft and ethereal. The video and song come together oh so swimmingly.

David Carter
Petkeeping with Marc Morrone on the Hallmark channel. Watch it envisioning Morrone’s drunk, disappointed father in a Cowboys jersey sitting through an episode.

Dominick Mayer
Two things, wholly related. Earlier this week I revisited Beats, Rhymes & LIfe: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, Michael Rapaport’s stunning documentary about the history, glory days and dissolution of one of the greatest hip-hop crews. It’s funny, touching and shows a remarkable lack of fanboy-ish pandering; this is as honest and unrelentingly brutal as musician docs come. Also, because of it, I’ve been listening to nothing but ATCQ all week, especially a lot from their first album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. In case you’re unaware, the correct answer to the age-old question “Can I Kick It?” is “Yes, you can.”