In Case You Missed It: The Cain Train


Sadly, this isn’t going to be a column about Tim Heidecker’s awesome, possibly inebriation-influenced “theme song” for the Herman Cain 2012 campaign. What I have to offer, in case you missed it, is what’s already the best campaign commercial of this presidential race. Now, you might say this is pre-emptive, given that there’s still a year and, to be sure, a brutal slander campaign ahead on both sides, but seriously. Nothing is going to top this clip, which came about when Cain’s chief of staff was met during a smoke break and asked to talk a bit about the campaign. Behold:

Letting it stand for itself, I’ll just make a few observations.

1) Nothing says “GOP campaign hopeful” like knockoff J-rock.
2) This definitively proves that smoking is one way to become a cool guy. If you dramatically punctuate your statements with it, you become the coolest guy.
3) This commercial alone puts Cain ahead of Michele Bachmann in the race, just because unlike everything that comes out of her mouth, this doesn’t induce ass-clenching terror in me.