Signs of what’s to come?


Tarot Classics EP

Surfer Blood

Release Date: Oct 25, 11

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Florida band Surfer Blood are releasing an appetizer in the form of an EP this fall, warming up for what’s to come likely next year. Also on their autumn plate is an opening slot for the Pixies.

With an arsenal of only four tracks, Surfer Blood formed one tight EP in Tarot Classic, not in size, but in quality. “I’m Not Ready” is so clean, one almost feels afraid to get it dirty with careless play. Its clarity is also is slightly its weakness in that the song has such a cliché melody. Still a good song though. “Miranda” falls into the same category, yet is a bit more frenetic. That’s where “Voyager Reprise” takes a different turn, lulling the listener in before popping out. The lyrics are a tad sophomoric for those not into sophomoric lyrics. The closer, “Drinking Problem” is a different song altogether, but fits in. It’s very mellow and upbeat at the same time. They chose wisely by closing here. It definitely leaves a thirst for more.