In Case You Missed It: Braco


This week’s an odd one, folks. I do tend to avoid the topic of religion as a general life choice just because I feel like the ways in which different people engage with the world, with respect to such things, is one of the more intimate experiences you can have in your life, and accordingly some dick on the internet mining it for laughter is inherently terrible.

This, however, doesn’t count. At least, I don’t think it does. A friend recently turned me on to the spiritual healing styles of one Braco. According to his site, Braco’s “healing gaze brings A GIFT.” That’s all well and good, until you figure out, pretty quickly, that the healing gaze is his only move. Observe:

Here are the facts, which you may now be wishing to process. Based out of Zagreb, Croatia, Braco simply stares at people. He does not touch, speak to or otherwise engage in any other interactions save for the act of looking. This almost feels like a Coen Brothers character, but you wouldn’t know it judging by the tent revival-esque testimonals. Here’s another one, I hope you enjoy, and I need to lay down knowing that this man makes profit, however marginal (around $8 to be gazed upon seems to be the understood deal), by staring at people.

*A quick note: The photo quality on the article sucks because as far as I can tell, this man has never had a picture taken of him that wasn’t in soft focus.