Business Casual Superstar: Inspired by Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory”)

The Big Bang Theory, Season Three

Ugh. The reason I don’t do so many posts for boys (well, one of the reasons) is that it’s so hard to get everything to come together for under $100. I mean, men’s shoes (dress shoes) are pricey! I’d have to blow half my budget on the shoes alone! It’s really, really hard to put something together for under $100. At least when I do outfits for women, I can fall back on the $15 Store. I mean, every woman has a pair of black dress pants, but it’s hard to find those online for super cheap when I have to come in under-budget. So I use the black pants from that store as kind of a stand-in. There’s no equivalent for men’s fashions.

But today’s outfit is, miraculously, for boys, inspired by a TV character from a network show, AND under $100. Woot, woot!

It is inspired by TV’s Dr. Sheldon Cooper, the scene-stealer in CBS’s The Big Bang Theory, played by Emmy winner Jim Parsons, who is a DELIGHT. He’s the most charming, cutest, strangest little bird you’ve ever seen and I love him. So incredibly talented.

That’s the prop from one of my favorite episodes of the show, where Penny gives Sheldon an autographed, used napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy as a Christmas present, and he flips out because all he needs is a healthy ovum and he can grow his own Leonard Nimoy. It’s a great episode.

Anyway, here’s what I put together for today:

ASOS Striped Boat Neck Long Sleeve Tee ………. $37.93
ASOS Crew Neck Tee With Pocket in Orange ………. $13.79
South Pole Men’s Slim Straight Pant ………. $22
Bed Stu Zuma Washed Canvas Sneaker in Brown ………. $24.99

Sheldon loves bright colors, you guys, and he loves his graphic tees, and mixing graphic tees with striped tees and all that. I tried to put something together that wasn’t as cartoony or first-day-of-kindergarten as his style, but it pretty much goes without saying that you’ll probably be able to get away with this only in a relatively casual office. Or, hey, switch out the sneakers for your brown kind-of-dress-shoes and you’ve lifted this up a notch.

I picked a striped long sleeve tee in red and white, and paired it with an orange tee. Sheldon will often do that: he’ll layer a solid over a stripe, and then make sure the solid is a color that LOOKS like it’s part of the striped tee, but isn’t, but is close enough.

I went with neutral pants so the outfit wouldn’t be too out of control. I like slim-fitting pants. Note: NOT skinny pants. Or skinny jeans. I hate those so much. But normal slim fit pants? Those look great on most guys. So clean and trim and professional and preppy. Yes, I’m kind of preppy, too, so I guess I prefer that style for guys, too.

And the shoes, well … I knew I had no chance of finding dress shoes in the $25 range. Not even dress shoes, just shoes that weren’t sandals or sneakers, you know? So I had to settle for these. They’re sneakers, but they’re not running shoes. They make more sense in the office than on a basketball court, so I went with it. Plus, they’re brown, which works perfectly with this warm outfit. It all just kind of fits together. And for under $100, too! Miracle.

And there we have a lovely outfit inspired by the always insane Dr. Sheldon Cooper. If you don’t watch the Big Bang Theory, I highly recommend Netflixing it. They don’t have it on Instant (BOOOOO!) but they do have the DVDs. I think. It’s a great show. And there is a great blog that explains a lot of the scientific theories and principles and axioms that they talk about, so that’s always fun.

Remember, if you’d like to check out more business casual outfits, be sure to check out my blog. I try to post one outfit a day (and don’t ALWAYS succeed), and I post a ton of one day deals (every day, unless the deals just suck, then I don’t bother). And this week, I’ll be having a giveaway (Friday) and next week, I’ll be starting my mini-series, how to dress like a French woman. Fun times!