Business Casual Superstar: Inspired by Pam Beasley (Jenna Fischer, “The Office”)

Yep, it’s another post inspired by the Office! What can I say? It’s one of my favorite shows. I love all the characters, and am hard-pressed to pick a favorite. I love Ryan, I love love love Kelly and Erin, I love Dwight, I love Andy, I love Kevin, who is so totally special, I love Toby, and I love Jim and Pam most of the time, but not always. Sometimes they get annoying.



Seriously, how fantastic is Mose?

You know what else I really love? Jim and Dwight’s friendship. They’re basically best friends, but they just don’t know it. They’ve had so many fabulous scenes over the years, and this is just one of my many favorites.

They were the ones responsible for throwing Kelly a birthday party and they did a great job … eventually.


Also, I have to admit, I chose this scene and the pic!spam for selfish reasons. You see, tomorrow is my birthday.


No one ever remembers my birthday. Often enough, even *I* don’t remember my birthday half the time!



Someone usually remarks that it’s my birthday around 6pm and I’m like MOTHEREFFER. Also, I never get presents. Or anything.


I think it’s because like 7 years ago I just wasn’t feeling birthdays for a couple years. I was like, whatever, I don’t want a party, I do not want a cake, I don’t want presents, I don’t want any fuss or attention. And I didn’t get any of that, and I was quite happy for several years, because, really, who cares about birthdays?

…But now I want people to make a fuss again, but everyone is so used to not making a fuss, and I don’t know to say that I want a small party (more like a dinner out or something with my buddies, who think I don’t want a fuss and hence never do anything on my birthday) and presents without sounding like a greedy douche.

Also, it’s Ramadan right now, so I’ll be fasting on my birthday anyway, and the earliest I’ll be able to have an actual dinner is around 8:30PM, since, you know, the whole fasting from sunrise to sunset.

Ah, well, whatever.

Today’s outfit is inspired by Pam Beasley-Halpert, or just Pamela Morgan Halpert now, I guess.

I love the little scene where she feels bad for asking for cash as a wedding gift, and then notices that Kevin wrote “Pam Halpert” on the check he gave her, and says it’s the first time she’s seeing her married name in writing.

So cute and so sweet.

Anyway, here are the clothes. Pam’s style has evolved over the years, first from very plain and rigid (button down, often striped, and a skirt, messy hair put halfway up) to a little more relaxed and vibrant when she starts dating Jim (skirt and a brightly colored sweater) to a little more professional once she becomes a saleswoman (mix and matched skirt suit) to a lot more professional once she becomes the office property manager or whatever she is in addition to being a saleswoman.

This outfit is from her I’m-dating-Jim-and-am-almost-a-saleswoman days. She’s worn a variation on this show before, at least a couple times, and that was what I drew on to put this together for under $100. Thank goodness for sales.

Cashmere V-Neck in Peacock Blue ………. $49.99
Heathered Tie Neck Top in Navy ………. $20
Grey Pinstripe Skirt ………. $15
Black Pumps ………. $15

Pam does this often – wearing tie-neck tops under sweaters. I picked a soft, navy tie neck tee and paired it with sweater in a vibrant blue. When she pairs tops this way, she always sticks with the same color family. Kelly often does similar things, but when she dresses, she uses the same color family for her skirt and top and wears a print top – usually. Early Kelly dressed almost exactly like this, though, but her style has also evolved (and has been awesome in the last two seasons!).

I added a grey skirt and black pumps. Yes, I know they don’t match, but Pam often does this – wearing a grey skirt with black pumps. There’s nothing wrong with that, really; it works. And she’d also pull on black hose, but I didn’t have the money left over, not after spending $50 on that cashmere sweater. Phew.

But anyway, we made it – a Pam Beasley outfit for under $100! Woot!