Business Casual Superstar: Inspired by Amy Winehouse (R.I.P.)

I normally do characters on here, but you’ve seen me branch out a bit into celebrities this year – especially those with a distinctive sense of style, like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston. What with the recent passing of Amy Winehouse, I thought it would be fitting to include her, since she definitely had her own distinct sense of style as well.

Amy often wore low-cut tank tops, especially after she got implants, and paired them with skinny jeans or extremely mini skirts. And, of course, her dirty ballerina slippers. I worked with that sense of style today and dressed it all up a bit to make it appropriate for the office.


Culture Phit 3/4 V-Neck Purple Blossom Sweater ………. $44
Grey Skinny Jeans ………. $15
VINA Blush Double Bow Ballet Flats ………. $40

I went with grey skinny jeans. Grey makes for a nice neutral shade for us to build the rest of this outfit on. I know some offices frown on jeans, so this might be more appropriate for a Casual Friday, especially since you’d be wearing grey jeans instead of the frowned-upon blue jeans. For some reason, that makes a difference: black and grey denim is fine, but blue jeans are verboten. Whatever.

I wanted to pull in a nice, bright color like Amy’s tops often are, but still needed something that would work in the office. That was why I was so happy to find this cute sweater at Zappo’s. It’s got appropriate sleeves with a deep-enough but not-too-deep v-neck, and it’s such a bold, vibrant shade of purple.

And, come on, I pretty much HAD to do ballet flats. I wanted something in pink, since that’s in the same general color family as purple, and these fit the bill quite well. They’re not Amy’s signature ballerina slippers, but they work quite well, especially for work.

Just poof up the hair into a massive beehive and layer on the Cleopatra-esque eyeliner, and you’re a walking Winehouse tribute.