In Case You Missed It: Terrifying PSAs


I’ll be keeping things simple this week. The inspiration for this column started here:

Once I watched that terrifying man chomp on cigarettes like some kind of desperate vaudeville act, I knew today’s Missed It would bring you some of the scariest fucking PSAs I could find.

So, for your health, the most lifelike woman suit of all time:

Puppets are scary enough in and of themselves, but I don’t even quite know what this one is getting at, and anything I could guess is unpleasant:

Last, though this was a commercial and not a PSA, when I was a kid it served as a powerful deterrent to my ever getting into Quiznos:

Leave a comment below if you have any PSAs you know that could top these.

  • Anonymous

    My parents must’ve sucked.  My daddy always told me the opposite of “don’t put it in your mouth”.