Tuesday Morning Roundtable

summerfest 2

This week, we asked Heave’s staff: Which summer festival are you most looking forward to?

Chris Osterndorf

Oddly enough, I’m actually looking forward to Milwaukee’s Summerfest quite a bit this year. In years past, I’ve been desperate to get out of Milwaukee, and would’ve been all too happy to pass up Summerfest for the likes of Lolla or Pitchfork. But this year, with a lineup that includes the likes of Kanye West, The Flaming Lips, The Black Keys, Girl Talk, Nicki Minaj, Florence and the Machine, Kid Cudi, Loretta Lynn, Wiz Khalifa, De La Soul, Peter Gabriel and Hall & Oates (Hall & Oates y’all! Hall & Oates!) how could I not make it to at least one of Summerfest’s 11 days? Most years, the major acts they get end up being about 75% bad, 25% good. But this year, I think it’s about an even 50/50. And the 50% that’s good, is really good. I’m bummed that The Roots, who I’ve seen at Summerfest twice, aren’t back, but other than that, there’s a veritable smorgasbord of people I would see. In short, Milwaukee’s not looking so bad this summer.

Dominick Mayer

Roscoe Village Burgerfest, because for those of you who’re unaware, it’s just burgers. Burgers, cover bands and slightly overpriced beer. These things don’t particularly matter though, because come July 9-10, Foghat will also be there. So, for Foghat and hamburgers, you best get wise.

Joe Anderson

Wicker Park Fest, to see Wavves. Usually I’m not trendy enough to set foot in Wicker Park (my facial hair does not look ironic; it looks like I am trying to convince people to come over and roughhouse in my laundry room), but despite listening to King of the Beach on a loop pretty much since it was released, I’m not sick of it.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I didn’t get involved in writing for this roundtable.  Generally, I hate people, and crowds are just large groups of people, and festivals have crowds.  Therefore, I hate festivals.