In Case You Missed It: The Serbian shark killer


Welcome to a new feature we’ll be bringing you every Wednesday here at Heave, called In Case You Missed It. Each week we’ll dig into the archives of the internet to bring you something peculiar or otherwise noteworthy.

For this week, we’ll go just a wee bit back in time to December 2010, a time when Bin Laden was still alive and my hopes for Chris Jericho winning Dancing With The Stars were also still alive. Somewhere in Egypt, a guy killed the shit out of a shark with his body. And it wasn’t even on purpose.

Allow me to explain. You see, a man named Dragan Stevic was enjoying a night of heavy drinking at Sarm El Sheikh, a well-known resort in Egypt. Shark attacks had placed the tourist season in jeopardy (seriously, this is basically just the plot to Jaws but IRL), until Dragan decided to attempt the high-dive after hours. He didn’t land the Triple Lindy, in no small part because he landed right on top of the shark, and killed it. Let it be said again: HE KILLED A SHARK WITH HIS BODY.

You can find the full story over at the Macedonian International News Agency, about a man whose Christmas season last year was way cooler than any of yours will ever be.