Daedelus releases last video from Incase Room 205 series


Daedelus is already known for his unique stage presence. When he signed up to do a session for Incase’s Room 205 project, it was obvious that he would create something visually stunning and musically bewitching. Room 205 is a project done by Incase, who probably made your iPod cover, where bands can design a unique setting and record a set within it. So far the series has featured High Places, La Sera, and Avi Buffalo and now Daedelus wraps up his set in the room with his song “Sundown (Haunted Dub).” “I would like to perform at a seance in a Victorian parlor accompanied by ghosts,” said Daedelus about the design of his room. “Conjuring the music, so to speak.” Deep blue lighting and glowing candles fill his set, with Daedelus commanding the screen. Watch “Sundown” below and download the track on his Room 205 page: