Taking Back Sunday announce new album for June


Remember old Taking Back Sunday? That day where you came back from Best Buy or some cool record shop in high school, put on Tell All Your Friends, and thought it was the coolest thing ever? The band’s gone through several line-up changes since their 2002 debut but now they’re ready to get back to their beginnings. The newly re-formed Taking Back Sunday is ready to get back to business with a brand new self-titled album, to be released on June 28. Though the original line-up is back together, don’t expect the same tricks from Taking Back Sunday. The album’s first track “El Paso” has already made it’s way around the internet and it’s nothing like the material the quintet was doing on Tell All Your Friends. This is a more mature Taking Back Sunday, and they’re ready to show you what they’re capable of. Take a listen to “El Paso” below: