Wednesday’s Link Round-Up

NY: Portrait Of George Clooney

Rememeber the movie “Zodiac,” where the police asked the Southern California public to help translate a cipher in order to catch a notorious serial killer? Well holy crap, now you can do the exact same thing all over again. On second thought, maybe the “Jersey Shore” kids won’t have the opportunity to get an STD in Italy. President Obama may have authorized secret forces to fight in Libya. Hopefully he sends Captain America. Rebecca Black is back in the studio, working on the follow-up to “Friday.” Oh, and Miley Cyrus is pissed at her, or something — I’m not sure, I only read every fourth word of the article. A Pulitzer Prize-winning writer says that Gandhi was gay. George Clooney was named as a witness in Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s sex trial. And by that, they mean that Clooney has to stand there and watch Berlusconi have sex. …That’s probably not true.