Tuesday’s Link Round-Up


New research shows that the human brain responds to a break-up in the exact same way it responds to the pain of burns. Unless, of course, the break-up involves my ex-wife, and then the brain responds as if a soulless she-banshee is purposefully suffocating the life out of you. Growing up, my favorite game was always Rock-Paper-FIST. Don’t worry, Mad Men fans, your show will be coming back in 2012. Someone told me that everyone has already seen this, but I really don’t care – It’s a f*cking monkey riding a pig, PEOPLE. “Jersey Shore” is going overseas for its next season, giving Ronnie the chance to engage in domestic abuse on international television this time. Shockingly, Italy is none-to-excited about the whole situation (Ha ha get it? DO YOU GET IT?). Speaking of anger, Sprint sounds less than enthusiastic about AT&T buying T-Mobile.

  • Chriso

    This delay of “Mad Men” is truly, truly horrible.