Magic Failure for Art Vs. Science


Magic Fountain EP

Art vs Science

Release Date: Mar 15, 11

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This electro-pop trio from Sydney, Australia just got their start in 2008, but shortly thereafter they were reaching charts and winning awards. Most notably, they received the FasterLouder Festival Award for Best Local Act in 2009.

When you begin your album, or EP, in this case, with a voice booming a declarative statement such as: “In the beginning…there was a fountain…,” the music which follows better back up the statement, or you better brace yourself to be laughed at. Art vs. Science? If this is the art, then science wins. And so the song continues with a bad interpretation of early 80’s rap/storytelling that falls flat and doesn’t match the pumped up electronica in a song that seems to want to be anthemic. While aloofness in song lyrics can be fun, and many times genius, this tale of the magic fountain takes itself too seriously.

There is nothing new here. “Friend in the Field” has very sentimental lyrics, best heard over a montage of a teenage drama. Surely there is a story behind the inspiration for this song, but it fails to come across. However, there is a moment between ‘Friend’ and the third track, “Flippers” that manages a tight little groove, but the awful lyrics of the latter, coupled with it’s annoying beat, quickly drowns out this moment. “Use your flippers to get down!” Are you serious?

This EP is teaming with what are hopefully inside jokes, or slang terms isolated to one group of people. And where there aren’t inside jokes, there are clichés. “Parlez Vous Francais?” is a fine example. Again, choppy, overbearing, anthemic, lyrics and more pounding noise, which sets electronica music back a few years.

The most listenable track would have to be the last track, “Hollywood.” For the first time, the singing doesn’t try to copy something done before. It’s got a great breakdown, nice harmonies, and appealing keyboard work. This song also has an early video game feel, reminiscent of Nintendo, which melts into a great drum solo, then back again. Excellent. Great. Play that song. And play that song only.