Business Casual Superstar: Oscar Swag

Normally, for my weekly posts at Heave, I put together outfits (for under $100) that are inspired by characters or celebrities. This week, I’m trying something new, something a little different, but I think the ladies in the audience will really like it.

The Academy Awards were this past Sunday night. I did not watch them; I hate the Oscars. To me, the ceremony one of the biggest, most garish illustrations of class warfare in this country, and it’s broadcasted into our living rooms so we’re privy to the circle-jerk, and then discussed ad nauseum in the “news” shows on Monday and Tuesday, like it’s actually news?! I’m sorry, no. Release a list of which movie won what, that’s great. But I refuse to be subjected to that crap in real-time.

Unfortunately, no one else in my house shares my sensitivity to displays of class warfare. So they watched. I shoved my ear buds as far into my little ears as I possibly could (really, I have ridiculously small ears – my doctor still has trouble inserting the otoscope during check-ups) and listened to “Robin Hood” – the Errol Flynn version, the only good version – while I worked on my Trial Advocacy exercise.

Because I’m awesome like that.

Anyway, Oscar winners and nominees and guests all get swag. They get different goodie bags – apparently, for the winners, they get a month-long African safari trip with a paid chef on hand or some such nonsense like that, plus a Xoom, plus 8 million other things. Guests don’t get the same bag, but they get some really expensive stuff as well. For free. Despite the fact that they’re all top earners contributing to the income inequality gap in – you know what, forget it. I’m going to shut up.

Here’s the point: I have a product to share with you guys today that is part of the Oscar swag bag. It’s this fabulous nail polish that is a little pricey – a little pricier than basic OPI shades, I guess – but is pretty incredible. And the best part is, you’ll be wearing the same nail polish that all the celebs in Hollywood will be wearing!!1!

…You know. If you care about that crap. 😐

Ugh. When I write these celebrity-themed posts I should probably at least PRETEND to give a crap about them. I should PRETEND to be impressed by their wealth and fame, right? I bet I could fake it.

Anyway, the polish is DREAMS by Neihule, and each bottle comes with a ribbon that has some message written on it – something about dreams and hope and meditation, I don’t know how you want to classify it. A little hokey and saccharine, but the colors are AMAZING and the polish lasts forever. It’s also good for layering – some of the polishes are glittery, and add extra dimension when slicked on over another color of non-glittery polish. They dry pretty fast, too.

There are a bazillion colors, and I think my favorite is probably Revelation, or maybe Passionate Lover. Both are super dark reds, and I loooove that color.

Tree of Life is another favorite of mine – I love the way jade looks on my hands. It works with my skin tones, and that’s the thing – it works with most skin tones.

Unseen Destiny just looks fun, doesn’t it? Kind of an updated take on those gold and silver glitter shades we’ve been seeing everywhere for the past two years.

As for what’s in right now, if you follow all the latest trends, you’ll want to grab a bottle of Yellow Brick Road. That bright canary yellow is the shade of the moment, and honestly? I’m kind of digging it. I’m not big on following trends in general (it just seems like such a waste of time and effort) but this is just nail polish, and it’s a really fun color.

Click HERE or click on the picture to get to DREAMS and snag the shades you want. They’re $12 a pop. Try not to think about how celebrities pulling in tens of millions per year are getting all this crap for free. It’ll just make you mad.