Business Casual Superstar: Inspired By Juliet O’Hara

I’m back again this week with one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite shows: Detective Juliet O’Hara from USA’s Psych. It’s really hard to pick a favorite on that show, though, because they are ALL awesome. I love Shawn, even though he’s obnoxious sometimes with all his jokes and quick quips, but he has ADD and is kind of spastic, so I guess it’s okay. Whatever, he’s still obnoxious sometimes. I love Gus, who is adorable and so hilarious, and I love Gus and Shawn’s friendship. I love Henry, Shawn’s dad, who is a former cop and just a general ball-buster. I love Juliet, who is adorable and compassionate and smart and just kick-ass. AND I LOVE LASSITER SO MUCH. He’s head detective and tall, lanky, and Irish. And he hates Shawn so much. Even though they’re secretly best friends.



Here’s Shawn and Jules. They are adorable.

According to the actress, Jules kind of actually believes that Shawn is a psychic.

Here’s Shawn and Carlton Lassiter, who is AWESOME and hates Shawn’s guts and is a fabulous straight man, despite being hilarious in his own right, too. I swear, best casting move ever. He’s perfect.

Lassie absolutely does not believe that Shawn is a psychic. In fact, in the first episode, when Shawn pretends to be a psychic because he’s being accused of being an accomplice to a robbery, Lassie vows to arrest Shawn and throw him in jail for impeding the progress of a police investigation if he ever finds out that Shawn isn’t a psychic. So, yeah. Draaaaama.

Also, the guy who plays Shawn, James Roday, writes the show and I think he has a producer credit, too, but I’m not sure, AND he and the gal that plays Jules are totally dating. I am kind of ashamed I know that.

Anyway, Jules is played by Maggie Lawson. Maggie was also in that one Disney channel movie with Justin Timberlake. About the model. I am REALLY ashamed I know that. And have seen it. Like, twice.


Really, really ashamed, you guys.

In an act of self-penance for watching lame things when I was a kid, and for knowing a lot somehow about TV celebrities I don’t really care that much about (what can I say? I crawl LJ when I’m bored in class – Imma be the BEST ATTORNEY IN A COUPLE MONTHS), I have created a soundtrack.

That’s right. I have created a soundtrack inspired by the lovely Juliet “Jules” O’Hara. I kept most of the songs light and chipper, because that’s how Jules is, and I wanted to use mostly female artists. I wanted something fun and dancey, and I think it turned out rather well.

Let’s have a look:

She Plays Guitar With Her Fingertips

Click on the covers to enlarge.

I kept most of the songs light and chipper, just like Juliet. Sure, she has her dramatic moments, but she’s one of those people that tries to stay positive ALL THE FRIGGING TIME, and I love that about her, probably because I’m not like that.

Brave New Girl – Britney Spears

She lands on both feet
Won’t take a back seat
There’s a brave new girl
And she’s comin’ out tonight

Holy Autotune! This reminds me of Jules’s very first episode, the second episode of the show. Jules was awesome and professional, but still a little nervous. And very adorable.

Get Up And Go – Hanson

Just a girl like you, and maybe just a
Just a guy like me, maybe we
Could take a walk on the wild side
Take a look and see

Shawn is just so happy to meet Jules. Remember? He was so totally into her, and that never really changed, even when he was with Abigail. This is just a cute, bouncy song that reminds me of their energy and excitement, and how hard Shawn flirted with her in his attempts to get her to finally agree to date him.

Expression – Helen Jane Long


This piece, while instrumental, really speaks to Juliet’s solid, dependable, reliable nature. She is slowly given more responsibility at the station, like being in charge when the Chief and Lassie were at their little retreat when the Chief gave birth, and being in charge when Lassie was framed for murder, and getting her own case when Shawn and Gus were scouting out the killer at a local magnet school. She’s strong and professional and reliable, but still feminine and sensitive and compassionate, and I really get that from this track.

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin’ tough, stayin’ hungry
They stack the odds, still we take to the street
For the kill with the skill to survive

This one totally reminds me of Jules and Lassie. They are one bad-ass team. They always have each other’s back, and they have a good deal of mutual respect for each other. Plus, it’s the little things. While Lassie never holds the door for Jules, he does hold out a hand to help her up when they’re climbing things. (I’m specifically thinking of the Civil War reenactment episode where Lassie climbs up from the dried-out creek where the body was onto the wooden bridge, and then holds out his hand to help Juliet up.) While I don’t ship them, I totally notice and love little things like that. I do totally ship them as friends, though. I love that they’re such a great team and they know each other so well and they’re patrolling Santa Barbara, supplying the elbow grease and quick thinking police tactics to back up Shawn and Gus’s intuition and rather…unique methods.

Can’t Hold Us Down – Christina Aguilera feat Lil Kim

Letting them know we’re gonna stand our ground
Lift your hands high and wave them proud
Take a deep breath and say it loud
Never can, never will, can’t hold us down

I talked about this earlier, but it deserves its own song. In her first episode, Jules has never pulled a gun before. But as the seasons unfold, she gets more and more responsibility. She becomes Lassie’s true partner, instead of just a little assistant or side kick. Chief Vick puts her in charge in the episode in which she gives birth. Lassie trusts her with her first case and even though he has misgivings later, he doesn’t snatch it back from her. She gets to be lead detective later, when Lassie is framed for murdering one of the kingpins of Los Reyes. The song differs a bit from Jules’s situation because not a whole lot of people seem to have a problem with her being in charge. Still, it works.

Just Friends – Charlie Parker


I do love jazz. This is an oldie, but it fits and I adore it. This piece reminds me of just how hard Juliet works to keep side-stepping Shawn’s advances and convincing him that they’d be better off as friends. It’s a unique little dance that’s all her own. I’d even go so far as to say that she works just as hard to stay friends with Shawn as he does trying to get with her.

Realize – Colbie Caillat

But I can’t spell it out for you,
No its never gonna be that simple
No I can’t spell it out for you.

This is for all those scenes where it’s clear that Jules wants to be with Shawn, but he’s with Abigail – like when she shows up at the theatre where he’s standing around with popcorn and drinks and says she wants to go out with him or whatever, and the scene where she and Gus are at Shawn’s place and she’s trying to suss out just how serious he and Abigail really are. Ugh. These two. Their timing is just awful.

Change Is Hard – She And Him

I’m all outta luck but what else could I be?
I know he’s yours and he’ll never belong to me again.
I did him wrong.
So don’t brag,
Keep it to yourself.

And again, Jules has to kind of stand back and watch Shawn be happy with Abigail, at least for a little while. Oh, unrequited love.

He Wasn’t There – Lily Allen

It didn’t matter if he let me down
I didn’t care about the lies
But all I knew was that he loved me very much
He was my hero in disguise

This is kinda iffy but bear with me. First, I love Lily Allen. Second, this song is directed toward the two episodes where Shawn and Juliet each almost die: Juliet at that huge clock where Lassie and Gus save her, and Shawn at the gas station where he pretends to call Abigail but calls Jules instead and then says ILY Abigail. Shawn wasn’t there for Jules at the clock because he saved Abigail, but he was still there for her, and Jules wasn’t there to rescue Shawn with Lassie and Henry, but she was the one that got them to go back tot he gas station by mentioning windchimes. That’s what this is about.

A Woman’s Worth – Alicia Keys

She rolls the mile; makes you smile, all the while being true
Don’t take for granted the passions that she has for you
You will lose, if you choose, to refuse to put her first

Yeah, I just felt like closing it out with something soulful and sexy, and who better than A.Keys? This is, predictably, for when Jules and Shawn actually do get together. I like the way the show has handled their actual relationship: low on typical drama, but still interesting and full of ups and downs, and so uniquely them.

BONUS: I Know You Know – Psych Theme Song

I know you know that I’m not telling the truth…

Because. :)

And there we have my Juliet O’Hara soundtrack. I’m sure most, if not all, of the songs can be purchased on iTunes or Amazon, should they tickle your fancy.

And now on to the clothes. Here we go!

Trousers in Khaki ………. $23.97
One Button Blazer in Cotton ………. $14.97
Madison French Cuff Shirt in Perfect Plum ……… $19.99
Perfect Patent Pumps in Brown ………. $18.80
Twisted Oval Pendant in Gold ………. $10.40

Ugh, let me just explain this a little.

Yes, there is all kinds of WTF-ery running rampant with the pants and blazer I picked. I picked them because it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a good khaki-colored pantsuit and still make my $100 budget with the shirt and shoes included. So I kind of picked a pair of pants and a blazer that were khaki-colored and matched enough, you know? Just bear with me here.

I made a last minute switch to the shirt. The shirt in the link list is about a dollar more expensive than the other, so the price in the image is $1 off, but whatever. Also, the picture is wrong. I picked a normal dress shirt, no ruffles, in a deep plum color, with pretty French cuffs. Jules often wears French cuff shirts with her suits, so it works. She actually dresses very well. Lassie’s old partner (the one in the pilot, the one he was totally sleeping with, the one who also played Amber on House and Natalie on How I Met Your Mother) used to wear these Banana Republic t-shirts under her suit shirt and it just kind of looked slovenly. Well, it looked fine when she was wearing her jacket, of course, but when she’d sit around at the station it just looked..bleh. At least, in comparison to Jules’s sharp threads.

I threw in a pair of brown pumps, even though they bug me. Juliet wears heels, you guys. At the station and on the beat and on the case. SHE CHASES DOWN AND CUFFS PERPS IN HER HEELS. I’m sorry, but that bugs me. Real female detectives do not wear heels. It’s as dumb as when I’m watching something with an FBI agent, and she struts around in pumps with long hair and jewelry. Um, no. Remember Heroes? They got it right in the first season with that female detective: Short hair, no jewelry, flats.

But whatever, Juliet is hot, and this is TV, and they need their female cops to be TV-pretty, which means stilettos on a detective as she hops a fence and cuffs a gang member.


Anyway, Juliet also wears little pendant necklaces, so I tossed in this one from Kohl’s. Simple enough, kind of in tune with her taste: clean, classic and simple.

And there we have an entire outfit inspired by Detective Juliet O’Hara of the Santa Barbara Police Department on Psych. On USA. Characters wanted.