Business Casual Superstar: Inspired by Asha (Rebecca Hazelwood, “Outsourced”)

Yeah, yeah, this week’s post is about Outsourced, that terrible NBC comedy that I somehow end up watching even though it is, spoiler alert, terrible. It’s racist and unfunny, and really, after that, do I even need to go on? It’s a comedy that is painfully unfunny. And it’s racist. Bing, bang, boom. Done.

But I watch it anyway, usually because I’m too lazy to go get the remote from the other side of the room. It’s terrible. I cannot say this enough.

But…BUT. Ben Rappaport, who plays Todd, is frigging gorgeous. I’d watch the show for hours just to be able to stare at him. That pretty.

And I have to admit, I kind of like Todd and Asha. They’re a little difficult to watch, possibly because of my proximity to the culture, and the fact that I’ve seen several girlfriends fall for white guys (Muslim white guys) and then have to deal with parents that aren’t keen on the match because the dude isn’t Desi. (Which is ridiculous – as long as the man is a good Muslim, the Quran and hadeeth say there should be no objection to the match. This is purely cultural bullshit. Just so we’re clear. Also, I have no idea why I got on this tangent.)


Crappy picspam is crappy. :(

And the screencaps are only from the pilot. That’s because I couldn’t find any other capping sites for Outsourced ANYWHERE, which should really tell you how crappy the show is when it was even hard to find caps on LiveJournal. LIVEJOURNAL. I mean, come on.

Anyway, despite all that, I still like Todd and Asha. They’re pretty together. And they’re adorable. And they’re kind of embarrassing and kind of really contrived, and it’s disappointing, but whatever. It’s a pretty disappointing show.

But I wanted to do someone other than Lily Aldrin or Penny whatever-her-last-name-is, so I figured I’d put up an Asha-inspired outfit. Asha is really easy – she loves breezy, loose tunics, sometimes printed, sometimes beaded. She never wears skirts, which is very much cultural, since we Desi girls don’t bare our legs. Generally. Those of us that adhere to stricter cultural standards.

And for future reference, FFR, in fandom-speak, Desi refers to anyone that’s from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Brown people from Asia, think of it that way. I don’t think it’s a pejorative term anywhere, but Paki is definitely a pejorative term in England. But when I call myself a Paki or refer to Pakistan as Paki for short, I’m definitely not using it that way. Most American Desis don’t give a crap about the word “paki,’ but it’s not something you want to use across the pond unless you want your teeth kicked in.

So here’s what I put together for Asha.

Black Trousers ………. $15
Beaded Tunic ………. $32.99
Beaded Drop Earrings ………. $24.90
Obriant Mules in Gray ………. $27.99

So simple.

I picked comfy, stretchy black pants, and paired them with this beaded and sparkly tunic. It’s a little more fitted than Asha would wear. (And can I say that I love it that they actually keep her style pretty true to our Desi culture in not having her in skin-tight stuff all the time? Or even tailored stuff? She’s confident enough in her femininity to wear a loose-fitting tunic and not feel pressured to wear something sexier to get the kind of attention we’re told we should want. Ugh. Sorry, do not want. 😛 Heh.)

She usually wears big ol’ Indian earrings, and I toned that down a bit for work with these dangly but not in-your-face earrings. And Asha loves her sandals and her wedges, but I hate wedges, and I don’t like putting up wedge shoes in a work outfit (I only did that once, and that was when I was focusing on the actual trend of wedge boots). But whatever. I found these grey wedge mules, and you know what? Fine. Whatever. I can’t withhold wedges forever.

And there we have a pretty little outfit inspired by Asha from that hideous NBC “comedy,” Outsourced.